Why ask for the support? You might ask…

This is my hobby. I have a full-time job and am not looking for a side job or looking to quit a day job I love.

I love providing both premium content (on DLF) and free content (here/podcast). This site and my podcast are both free platforms for me to ‘pay it forward’ with the information and knowledge I’ve gained. 

How much does it cost to produce “free” content? You might ask…

The site is hosted on for $5.95 a month. This is all the tools, hosting, domain name, etc. I personally edit the site and maintain it, but that’s just in my “free” time.

The podcast is hosted on for $14 a month. This is for the feed, unlimited storage, and hosting. The podcast episodes are edited and published by me, again, just in my “free” time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my hobby and knew the costs going in. No complaints here. However, the more support I get, the better I can produce content for “free”.

Your consideration is extremely appreciated. Patreon allows for as low as $1 a month contributions.